Ayurveda @ ayursoul

We are highly recommending our guests to have treatments at AyurSoul in Varkala. This clinic is run by Dr. Pramitha Ratheesh B.A.M.S. Her team is completed by two other female doctors and one male doctor. We are arranging the appointments for our guests and even though the clinic is located nearby they offer a pick-up service from our house and after the treatment they’ll drop you home again. For further information about treatments please get in contact with AyurSoul or check out their homepage: www.ayursoulindia.com.


Ayurveda means the knowledge of a long, healthy and happy life (ayus = life, veda = knowledge). Ayurveda is the oldest recorded medical system (about 5000 years old) and is still practiced especially in India and Sri Lanka. Due to the fact that Ayurveda is in complete harmony with the elements and the laws of nature, this knowledge is not only thousands of years old but of eternal validity. Ayurveda is always related to the presence, it adapts to time and place, therefore Ayurveda in Europe distinguishes from Ayurveda in India due to the local conditions. A life in harmony with the elements of the environment requires adaptation.

Ayurveda integrates all aspects of life.

Because of its preventive and psychological aspects, it is – next to a comprehensive healing concept – also   life philosophy, a specific attitude towards life and care of health. Therefore, one could also translate Ayurveda as: living knowledge!

Everyone is responsible for themselves.

In this sense Ayurveda helps the people to help themselves. Ayurveda helps to recognise sickening repressed needs, to learn how to handle with emotions, and to identify and promote  and tap the full potential.

Ayurveda treats the people and not the disease.

This is why two people with the same symptoms can be treated differently. Essentially Ayurveda is about obtaining the individual balance because only the balance leads to health and happiness. The diet, daily routines, sleep, physical and mental exercises always relate to the individual constitution in regard to the current individual environmental conditions.