The Mad about Coco Team

Anita, Founder and Head of Mad about Coco Varkala

Anita was born in Bombay in the late 70’s but growing up in Germany. After studying Educational Science and Psychology at the University of Hamburg/Germany & psychological counselling she’s holding now a Master degree in Educational Science. In 2013, after several visits in Varkala and undergoing regular ayurvedic treatments she studied Ayurveda in Germany and became a certified Ayurvedic Therapist to start her first business in Varkala in 2014. She came to Varkala to start this project that was primarily concentrating on traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

In October 2016 many things changed, first of all Anita decided to change the name from ‚Ayurvidya Canopy‘ to ‚Mad about Coco‘. Ayurveda was no longer the main service. A small Garden Café was set up that year and the focus was set on Yoga Retreats.

Mad about Coco expanded immensely and in 2019 the business became a registered company called Mad about Coco Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

In the same year Anita opened the restaurant NOMAD at the cliff with beautiful sea view. It was a powerful and exciting year until in early 2020 Covid-19 forced her to shut down the new restaurant.

She started focussing again on her little Café set back in the garden of Mad about Coco premises. During the lockdown time she was renovating and updating the Café and opened the doors again in October 2020.

Now they are offering 12 rooms in three houses, the small Café is open every day. Having lots of space and facilities on offer they are now focussing on group bookings, especially for Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Mad about Coco is inviting Yoga Teacher from all over the world to run their own Retreats on their premises.

And when everything is going easier again and tourists are coming to India again, the planned Garden Spa on Mad about Coco premises is getting ready too…so stay tuned & don’t forget to visit them as all these kind of small businesses need the support by guests to recover from the Corona pandemic.

What Anita says about Varkala: „First time I came to Varkala was in 2007 and since then I came back almost every year. There’s something very special about this place that will make you stay longer as planned and come back again and again. As soon as I finished my Ayurveda course in March 2014 I came to Varkala to start this project and I was becoming a part of this place I call home now.
‚Mad about Coco‘ is my life and the Team became my family.“